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Agriculture Finance Portfolio

The Agricultural Financing Portfolio affiliated to the Kuwait Investment Authority was established in 1988 by Amiri Decree, for financing agricultural production projects and for the raising of cattle and fish, in addition to supporting the development and expansion of existing agricultural projects. The capital of the Portfolio is KD 50 Million. The Industrial Bank of Kuwait has been entrusted with the management of this Portfolio on behalf of the Government of Kuwait.


Short, medium and long-term loans at 2.5% per annum for crop cultivation, greenhouses, cattle raising, fisheries and all other farm related activities.


Attractive financing facilities for agriculture, farm production, livestock and related projects.


Fields of Lending

The bank finances new projects, or expansion of existing projects for increasing production or adding new products at the same location.

Financing is available for agricultural production in general, and particularly for any of the following:

Local production and manufacturing of dairy products.

Agricultural production in greenhouses.

Cultivation of grains, crops, and fruit trees.

Raising cattle.

Fish culture and harvesting.

Production of fodders and fertilizers.

Cooling, storing and transportation of agricultural projects.


Types of Loans

Short term loans repayable within one year.

Long term loans with repayments not exceeding 10 years.

Loans are granted for agricultural production, raising cattle and poultry, purchase of machines and tools, establishing greenhouses, digging and rehabilitating irrigation canals, establishing, repairing and rehabilitating buildings, restoration of farms, digging wells, and other similar purposes.

The Portfolio finances agricultural projects where the plot surface area is over 15,000 square meters, and cattle / dairy / poultry farms with an area of more than 10,000 square meters.

Short term loans for up to 100% of working capital needs, repayable from the sale proceeds of the crops for which the loans were used, and from governmental subsidies and support.


Financing Limit


Minimum limit

Maximum limit

Amount of Financing

Short term loans repayable within one year

K.D. 1000

K.D. 20,000

Up to 100% of project cost

Medium / Long term loans repayable above one year up to ten years

K.D. 20,000

5% of available funds of the Portfolio

Up to 70% of the first KD 500,000 of project cost, and up to 60% of the remainder of project cost


Interest on financing of new or existing projects is 2.5% on the outstanding loan balance


Loan Payment

The loan is repayable in equal or unequal monthly / quarterly / semi-annual installments.

Grace period of up to 2 years for expansion projects, up to 3 years for new projects, and up to 5 years for Fruits and Dates cultivation.



First mortgage on the fixed assets of the project, in addition to mortgage of the commercial shop, the license, or the goodwill,  or any other collateral acceptable to the Bank.


Documents Needed for Submitting Loan Application

Licenses from the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (Link).

Original lease contract of the agricultural plot from the Department of State Property Management / Ministry of Finance.

Other documents relevant to the nature of the project.


Click here to download an agriculture loan application form.