Customer Complaints

Dear customer, should you have any complaint,

Please follow the steps given below to submit your feedback to us.

Complaint Form download from this website or obtain it from the Branch.

Submit the Complaint Form by any of the following methods. Hand it over in person to the bank's Complaints Officer during official working hours from Sunday to Thursday, send it by mail addressed to the bank’s Complaints Officer,  send it by e-mail to the Bank's Complaints Officer provided below.

We shall provide a response to your complaint within 15 working days from the date of receipt.

After receiving the response, inform our Complaints Officer in writing whether you accept the corrective actions noted in the response or not.

If you do not accept the corrective action provided, you may appeal to the Customer Protection Unit at the Central Bank of Kuwait.


Please note that any response provided by a Complaints Officer cannot be used as evidence in a court of law. The Complaints Officer shall respond specifically to the subject matter of the complaint and not to other queries not related to the complaint. The Complaints Officer will not respond to a complaint if it has already been submitted to a court of law.

Our Complaints Officer is located at the IBK Headquarters - Legal Department.

Mailing Address: Complaints Officer, The Industrial Bank of Kuwait, P.O. Box 3146 Safat, Kuwait.

Email Address:

Would you like to file a complaint?