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The IBK plays a distinguished role in economics studies and research at the capacity of local, regional and international level by virtue of highly qualified staff. It continuously encourage and support cost of publications written by researchers and scholars in the field of Economic, Finance and Law relative to industrial sector through a series of publications include, among others:


The journal of “Finance and Industry”, (Published in both English and Arabic annually).


The “IBK Papers” (Published quarterly).


Economic Publications and Research Papers


Publishes a continuing series of books on Islamic cultural and intellectual heritage in the field of Islamic economy and financial jurisprudence.


Tracks the trends and developments in the country's industrial sector through specialized bulletins.



Heritage books publications series

The industrial Bank of Kuwait issues a series of books for revival of Islamic cultural and intellectual heritage in the field of Islamic economy. The number of publications reached fourteen books. The Islamic economic heritage, since the second Hejri century represents a clear reflection of the comprehensiveness of the religion and the history of Islamic economic intellect history.

The Industrial Bank of Kuwait played a great role in reviving the economic heritage, and restoring its resources in Islam, where it adopted a project for supervising the publication of an annual manuscript in the field of financial jurisprudence and Islamic economy.


IBK Papers

The quarterly series of “IBK Papers” presents specialized researches and detailed studies in a specific subject each issue. The series is prepared by an elite group of economic researchers and scholars in the Arab World.


Finance & Industry

An annual magazine issued by the Industrial Bank of Kuwait that is interested in publishing researches, essays, valuable and authenticated scientific studies in different economic fields. It is distinguished with its high level of introducing current issues, and enriching the intellectual movement with valuable information. The magazine is issued in both Arabic and English languages.